I see young children (anywhere between birth and 5/6 years old) with huge big blingy gold studs in their ears on a far too increasing basis. And it is extremely worrying.

There’s multiple things that are wrong with piercing a very young infant, and I’m sure logic will…

Walmart piercings are a terrible idea in general. Besides, what’s the fucking point of body modification if it isn’t instigated by the individual being modded? The entire philosophy behind body modification revolves around personal bodily autonomy. I don’t care if it’s “just lobes”. Unless the individual has expressed consent, that’s fucking wrong, especially if the individual isn’t even old enough to express consent.

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    Lol I had my ears pierced when I was seven, and I’m pretty sure the only reason my mom took me is because I wouldn’t...
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    i got mine pierced with a gun too and i was fine ngl i didnt even take the piercing out and clean it i just washed my...
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    i had my ears pierced with a gun and my god it was terrible they kept bleeding every time the piercing was taken out to...
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    okay. although i agree with everything mentioned here, i got my ears pierced WITH A GUN when i was a month old. i am now...
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    Basically, stop doing things to your children without their consent - it is an assault and it is completely unnecessary;...
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    Walmart piercings are a terrible idea in general. Besides, what’s the fucking point of body modification if it isn’t...
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    In Spain is (or at least was when I was a baby, don’t really know about nowadays) a common practice to pierce baby girls...
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  23. kissmeforayear answered: I got it pierced three times on one ear because the girl didn’t do it right when I was like,6 or 7.
  24. bry-in-white answered: I was pressured into getting them gunned when I was 11. It was at piercing pagoda. I was much too young and now i have horrible keloids.
  25. chibifaic answered: My own lobes were done when I was…three months? I wouldn’t know, I can’t remember. They’re uneven ‘because’ I cried the whole time.
  26. definitelynotsane answered: I got my first ear piercing done when I was two months old x.x
  27. sansanstardust answered: My ear was “gunned” when I was maybe 6 yo. The pain was so shocking that I didn’t let them pierce my other ear, so my mom took the hit.
  28. blvckmcmxci answered: I had my ears pierced a very young age and my mother looked after them every day until they were completely healed. No infection. No risks.
  29. goddess-of-somethingorother answered: When I was young, I remember having my ears pierced. I also remember one getting infected because the gun put the back on too tightly.
  30. brofistingsquad answered: I got my ears pierced for the second time at Claire’s when I was 9 or 10. The gun actually got stuck on my ear.
  31. gonadus answered: i totally agree. i was probably about 4 and had trouble with my ears being irritated literally until i was about 8 even with jewelry out
  32. crashinthesky answered: I had my ears pierced when I was a baby, a nurse did it with my own gold earring. It never got infected, but I agree piercing kids is WRONG.
  33. girl-unobserved answered: I had my ears pierced twice; the first time as a baby (piercing gun/got infected) and the second time when I was 11 or 12 and I had to go…